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About Tahitian Pearls

I strive to find the best quality and affordable Tahitian Pearls to use in my jewelry. The world of pearl shopping can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Here are some things to consider when looking for Tahitian Pearl Jewelry:

Color: Tahitian Pearls are prized for their amazing range of naturally occurring colors. You can find them in just about every color from light ivory and silver to deep luscious grays with cherry, peacock green and cobalt blue overtones. Consider your skin tone and wardrobe when selecting that perfect pearl.

Luster:  High Luster brings out the colors in the pearl. It can be described as crisp and reflective but with a soft sheen that only pearls have. Paired with exceptional color, the highest luster pearls (grade AAA) can fetch in the thousands - these are reserved for fine jewelry pieces. Good luster pearls are a good value and are the most often seen in 14k gold fill jewelry.

Shape: Tahitian Pearls come in many shapes - Round, near round / button, baroque, and circled. Each has its own beauty - when all else is equal, Perfect Round is the most expensive as they occur the least often. However, this does not mean baroque and circled shapes are any less desirable. Irregular shaped pearls can possess higher color saturation and a truly dazzling array of colors. 

Size: Tahitian Pearls are most commonly found in 8-15mm sizes. The smaller, the more affordable. I use 8-10mm to create a delicate look.